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Vietnamese Green Tea

Wild and Estate Green Teas

Green Tea Selection

Green Tea is the preferred drink of the Vietnamese and makes up the majority of the home consumption of tea produced in Vietnam.  Typically, the Vietnamese prefer to brew their tea very strong and bitter and like to appreciate the sweetness in the after-taste experienced once the initial bitterness has subsided.  Do not let this put you off if this is not to your taste as the same tea can be used to produce an altogether sweeter and more subtle drink by varying the quantity of tea used, temperature of the water and steeping time.

Green tea is associated with many health benefits largely arising from the abundant supply of anti-oxidants that exist in the leaves and which are preserved as the leaves are not allowed to oxidise during green tea processing.

We currently offer a variety of Vietnamese green tea including wild grown mountain teas from Yen Bai, Lao Cai and Ha Giang Provinces plus an estate grown from the popular Thai Nguyen commune of Tan Cuong.

Each tea has its own distinct flavours which range from grassy green, vegetal through to floral. 

The current Hatvala Vietnam Green Tea range comprises: 

Fish Hook Estate Green Tea

Purple Rain Wild Green Tea

Tiger Monkey Wild Green TeaFive Penny Wild Green Tea

Bac Ha Green Tea


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