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About Hatvala Tea and Coffee Online

About Our Tea

Hatvala Tea Hunting Map of northern VietnamWHAT'S IN OUR NAME?

Our name is often mistaken as sounding of Scandinavian origin.  In fact, it is derived from the Vietnamese words for bean and leaf to denote our focus on coffee and tea.  The Vietnamese word for bean is hạt and the word for leaf is while simply means 'and'.  So, in Vietnamese hạt  và  lá translates to 'bean and leaf'.  With the Vietnamese being a tonal language you could also translate hát  và la to 'sing and shout'.  While this is not our intention we do believe that we have products to sing and shout about. 


We only source our teas directly from farmers and producers and never through agents or middlemen.  We work closely with our suppliers in different parts of Vietnam with people who are passionate about their craft and use traditional methods of production. As well as selecting great teas we collaborate with suppliers to improve quality year and year and our close relationahip allows us to be confident about purity, consistency and taste.  We are passionate about selecting great teas but also ensure that the teas are produced sustainably with fair reward in all aspects of growing, harvesting and production.

We visit all suppliers at least once each year as well as looking out for new sources and developing new blends.  Many of our teas grow completely naturally at high altitude on ancient wild tea trees and are harvested (and in some cases processed) by ethnic hill tribe families such as H'Mong, Dao and Thai peoples.

All of the photographs used on our website are our own.


We aim to raise awareness of quality tea from Vietnam.  Vietnam is the 5th largest exporter of tea in the world and yet is rarely considered when thinking about tea producing countries.

The mountainous provinces of northern Vietnam forms part of the home of the tea plant (camellia sinensis).  That it grew here as an indigenous plant highlights that that the terrain is perfect for its cultivation. 

Most of Vietnam's tea ends up in blends and is rarely sold indicating its origin.  Much is of average quality and this disguises the fact that there is a flourishing premium tea industry waiting to be discovered.  We believe that we have the teas that can drive that discovery.  

And, of course, tea is wll known for its many benefits to health and well-being.

Start your Vietnamese tea journey with us today!


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