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Wild Vietnamese Black Teas

Wild Boar Black Tea

Wild Boar Wild Black Tea Leaves VietnamWild Boar Wild Black Tea Cup VietnamA wild grown black tea from Yen Bai Province, Vietnam.  The raw tea material is harvested from the ancient wild tea trees growing on the high mountain slopes in and around Van Chan district. Young leaves are picked and collected by hill tribes in remote forests where the only companions are the chickens, goats and pigs that roam across the mountains.

It was the many wild boar that we met on our visit to Yen Bai that were the inspiration for the name that we have given to this fine tea which is reminiscent of the Indian Assam teas but with its own unique chocolate and malt flavour characteristics as a result of the slower rate of leaf growth at altitudes of 1400 metres and above.

The harvested leaves are processed in a nearby family run factory using traditional methods of withering, oxidation, drying and sorting. The resulting tea has a rich, malty flavour and a striking bright, red/ coppery colour.

A perfect cup to revive and to quench a thirst which is excellent either by itself or with the addition of lemon or milk.

Wild Boar Black Tea Card Vietnam

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