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Organic Wild Tea from Vietnam

Ancient Wild Tea Trees

Mist Day over Wild Tea Trees in Yen Bai, VietnamMist shrouded peaks, deep river valleys, verdant pine forests with wild tea trees flourishing amidst the clean mountain air and cool running streams. Tea is indigenous to these mountainous northern provinces of Vietnam where trees continue to grow wild and organically at altitudes of up to 1600 metres. Left unattended they will grow to over 3 metres tall with trunks several metres in diameter. Some ancient trees are known to be centuries old – with some said to date back 800 years.

Minority Lady Havesting Wild Tea Leaves, VietnamEach day during the season, hill people from Vietnam's ethnic minority groups will trek into the forests from early, misty dawn to harvest tea leaves with only wild pigs, goats and chickens for company . Trees can be several kilometres from the nearest path and the pickers climb to the very top branches to reach the youngest and freshest leaves. By early afternoon the tea is carried back to the villages in bamboo baskets for processing either by their own families or by other producers in the community.

Tea is still largely processed using age old methods relying on the skill, knowledge and experience of artisan producers. Aspects of tea making including temperatures of wood fired ovens or judging when baking or drying is complete is determined solely by sight, smell and touch.Pan Drying Wild Tea Leaves, Vietnam

Altitude, climate, soil and location slow the rate at which tea leaves grow on the trees providing greater character, taste and purity to the cup. Pour, relax and drink and it is almost possible to imagine the sights, sounds and smells of the forest and mountainside in every sip.



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