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A Vietnamese Tea for any time and any place

Our Whole Leaf Teas

Our range of Vietnam tea in cupsOur  excellent and broad range of hand selected teas includes delicate silver needles white tea made simply from leaf buds, a variety of green teas with flavours that extend from grassy through to bold vegetal and floral notes, full bodied, creamy green and red oolongs, a refreshing, malty black tea with a beautiful coppery liquor, a post fermented Puerh style dark tea and wonderfully fragrant infusions of tea blended only with real flower blossoms.

We source all of our teas directly and have built strong relationships with responsible and dedicated farmers and producers to ensure that the highest and most consistent products are delivered from the field to the cup.  We are confident that all of our teas are traded fairly throughout the supply chain.

Based in Vietnam, we travel frequently and widely across the country to discover new and interesting teas that meet our quality criteria. Check regularly for new arrivals and seasonal teas.

The majority of our teas are single origin (by which we mean that they come from one particular, and generally small,  producer) and like wines they may vary from year too year or season to season.  However, they will always be clean, natural and made with love and care.  We ensure that the provenance is always be genuinely as stated and that nothing has been substituted or compromised. 

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