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A range of 100% pure, freshly roasted coffees from Vietnam.

Premium Coffee From Vietnam

Coffee was introduced into Vietnam by the French in the mid 19th century and has expanded to become one of the most significant agricultural products in the country. Further, Vietnam is now the second largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world with an annual production in excess of 1.2 million tonnes.

Despite this impressive growth, the focus on quantity has meant that Vietnam has yet to earn a reputation as the source of great coffee and much of the output ends up in blends and instant coffees.

At Hatvala our mission is to raise awareness of the quality that now exists in the Vietnamese coffee industry and improved techniques and understanding become more widespread among farmers and processors. By using only the highest quality ripe beans, insisting on professional and consistent processing and managing our own roasting we have assembled an excellent range of gourmet coffees to suit every taste.

Coffee growing areas

By far the largest proportion of Vietnamese coffee production is the Robusta bean. Stronger than the more popular and sought after Arabica coffees, Robusta has the advantage that it is more resistant to disease (as a result of its higher caffeine content) and more tolerant of varied climatic conditions. The prime Robusta plantations are centred around the town of Buon Ma Thuot in Dak Lak province in the Central Highlands at altitudes of approximately 500 – 800 metres above sea level.

The fussier Arabica also grows primarily in the Central Highlands but insists on altitudes of between 1200 and 1600 metres in order to provide a quality crop. The best Arabicas are grown in and around Da Lat in Lam Dong province although there are also other centres developing in Son La and Dien Bien provinces in the Northern Highlands.

High Quality Beans

There are a number of secrets to achieving a great cup of coffee but the starting point is with selecting the best beans. This begins with ensuring that only the ripe coffee beans find their way into the final brew. Professional and careful processing is then paramount as it is vital for beans to be of consistent size and density to produce an outstanding roasted coffee.

Whether it is Arabica or Robusta beans we insist that all of our selected green beans (before roasting) have been processed with attention to detail and are of the highest possible grade. We purchase green beans direct from the processor and store at our premises until we are ready for roasting.

Roasted on Demand

One of the conundrums with producing great coffee is that roasting and grinding accelerates the rate at which the coffee will go stale. The shorter the time between the roast and grind the better the final cup. For this reason we store as green bean and only roast enough to meet immediate demand. Normally, we pack the coffee and whole beans and suggest that it is ground just before use although we will, of course, provide ground coffee if the customer requests it.

The degree of roast is also important to the flavour and characteristics of the coffee. We prefer medium to medium-dark roasts as these provide the optimum balance in our opinion between aroma, sweetness and body. However, we will also roast to any specific customer requirement.

 Brewing Method

All of our coffees are suitable for whatever is your preferred brewing method whether it be espresso machine, drip coffee, french press or the simple Vietnamese phin filter. The important factor is to use the right grind (fine, medium or coarse) to suit the desired method. If in doubt please ask and we will advise the most appropriate grind.

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